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Series 2008 live center for hard turning

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For hard material turning, the main characteristics of a live center are that the shaft must be correctly guided, the bearings must ensure a good stiffness, that the part in contact with the piece is made of hard metal, and that the live center is of extreme precision. In the 2008 FRB live center series, the 5 bearings, 3 of which roller bearings, couple the shaft with the insert with a strong pre-load, thus ensuring the correct stiffness and precision required for the machining. CONTROPUNTA SERIE 2008 PER TORNITURA ALBERI TEMPRATI


  • Shaft with hard metal insert for better contact on hardened centers.
  • 4 bearings, 3 of which roller bearings, guarantee the maximum stiffness needed to ensure a very good manufacturing roughness.
  • Maximum assembly precision, to guarantee reduced part manufacturing tolerance.