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Series 82 live centers for gear cutting

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Each production technology has its own needs and therefore FRB has developed the series 82 for gear cutting.

In this application, all rollers bearings are fitted to ensure maximum rigidity.
Therefore very suitable for machining with interrupted cutting, the dimensions of the body are kept deliberately small to allow the passage of the hob to the live center side. Extraction nut and front seals complete the high quality of the product.
The problems related to the overall dimensions of the hob have been taken into account also for the shafts, defining different shaft geometries for every need, including the possibility of installing conical rings.



  • 3 reduced dimensions, quality roller bearings.
  • All on rollers to ensure maximum possible stiffness, useful in interrupted cutting processes, such as gear cutting.
  • Deliberately greatly reduced body dimensions, to allow easy exit and entry of the hobbing tool on the live center side.