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Let yourself be “driven” into the world of TECNOLOGIE FRB. It seems a little trivial introduction but it is absolutely real and current. It is our philosophy: to accompany the customer in the “journey” for discovering the FRB FACE DRIVER. We are able to offer a complete range of solutions, able to fully meet every need and request for turning, grinding and gear cutting. Our range is able to satisfy ø5 to Ø300 and over piece holders with the classic spring operated system to the most advanced hydraulically operated system. One “thing” has not changed in the fifty years experience of the FRB FACE DRIVERS: its heart, its soul. It is the balancing and holding system (FRB Patent). Totally mechanical and technologically advanced it ensures, always, absolute reliability, constant repeatability of results but especially an unparalleled holding capacity.
Our highly qualified sales and technical services are always available and open to the challenges that the world of technology offers. The preliminary, accurate and detailed analysis of the customer’s tool machine system and the examination of the pieces to be machined are essential conditions for the best choice of the FRB FACE DRIVER with the main objective to significantly reduce the production costs. So let us stay by your side in this journey. We will not only stay by your side but we will also be your collaborators and partners. Have a good journey.