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Quality and Philosophy

Our Goal Is To Grant You The Best

Our mission is: technology and quality. Tecnologie FRB has heavily invested in Research and Development right from its inception, keeping abreast of the latest technical advances and constantly improving their product performances.
Before marketing, every single manufactured part is tested and checked by skilled staff in order to achieve the high standard expected by our customers.


Technology is Tecnologie FRB’s philosophy: advancement, technical mutations, technological progress. Operational industrial improvements are going on extremely fast and Tecnologie FRB follows the progress of your market by means of its technology.
Intuition, sensitivity, design experience and high qualified human resources, have made of Tecnologie FRB, a technologically advanced Company in an advanced market since early sixties.



Quality has a strategic importance for Tecnologie FRB who constantly have been improving its products, services, processes and image to increase its market performance and keep its competitive edge.

Tecnologie FRB aims to give its customers complete satisfaction aided by the following standards of performance;


  • Quality of the product and of the service to the customer, especially referred to performance, reliability and durability
  • Continuing research of innovative solutions in order to achieve optimum quality standards at competitive costs and production times
  • Technical assistance to our customers to cut down manufacturing times.
  • Ability to trial its products free for a 60 days period.


Consequently, our company focus is directed to the:

  • Monitoring and review of all internal processes;
  • Growth and motivation of human resources;
  • Continuous performance improvement;


Respect for the environment

The idea of continuous improvement and the love for technological innovation have pushed Tecnologie FRB to choose the energy of photovoltaic panels to make their work even more efficient, green and cutting edge. The installed system allows to produce clean energy and reduce the production of CO2, significantly lowering the company’s environmental impact.
A technology that is good for FRB, the territory and nature.

Some photos of the plant:

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