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Customer service

In this section there is a description of some services offered by Tecnologie FRB to its customers:

Customer service

Since early sixties, service has been an important factor contributing to Tecnologie FRB’ s success. Experience and willingness to cooperate with its customers from the design to the realization of the most suitable equipment are the TECNOLOGIE FRB’s real strenght.

Repair service (repair of FRB products)

This service gives the customers the possibility to restore their FRB items after confirmation of the cost of repairing. It is also possible to request further information concerning periodic servicing that has to be made by the customer.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance about our products is offered for free by phone to our customers. An e-mail technical service is also available and you can directly contact the technical manager for your area



Phone (6 lines r.a.)

+39 051-846750
+39 051-846760
+39 051-845306
+39 051-845690