Since 1965, Tecnologie FRB has developed a full range of face drivers for turning, grinding, and gear cutting operations, aiming to meet all possible needs.

Our face drivers can fit any piece holder ranging from ø5 to over ø300, with the classic spring operated system to the most advanced hydraulically operated system.

Manufacturing high quality face drivers for over 50 years, only one thing has never changed: our product heart, its soul: the FRB patented balancing and holding system, completely mechanical and technologically avanced, which still ensures:

  • absolute reliability
  • constant repeatability of the results
  • unparalleled holding capacity

Our highly qualified sales and technical services are always available for assistance from the product selection to the after sales support.

Our technicians will assist you in the preliminary analysis of your tool machine system and the pieces to be machined, helping you to select the lathe face driver that perfectly fits your requirements, aiming to significantly reduce the production costs.