The face driver is a system with FRB patent for driving shafts with no.4 very sensitive self-balancing driving pins, able to adapt also to very irregular faces up to 3 mm.
The fixed center point allows high precision, since the workpiece is rigidly clamped between the center points of the face driver and the live center, while the driving pins are actuated by a cylinder.
To ensure an always efficient driving, the driving pins contact end on the piece is made of hard metal.
FRB has developed several ranges of face drivers, which cover a wide range of diameters within which the face driver can show its potential. The machining diameters range is from 5 to 400 mm.
To make the system universally applicable to any machine, we manufacture Morse Taper, ISO connections and ASA flanges.


  • Featuring the FRB patented 4-blade mechanical balancing system.
  • Provided with self-adjusting spring loaded  center, for maximum part machining precision.
  • Blades with hard metal insert for driving on surfaces up to 67 HRC.
  • Paired with our rotating live centers for precision grinding, it allows the part to reach much higher rotating speeds than with dead centers, thus reducing, with the use of the right wheel, production time.