Our face driver for turning is available also with spring operated center point: extremely adaptable and easy to use.

With this face driver equipped, in order to work just the simple live center pressure against the driving pins will be required.

Also our turning solutions benefit of the FRB patent driving pins self-balancing system.

The system flexibility allows to choose the most suitable size to fit all requirements.

It is possible to carry out turning applications on Rolled, Drawn, Moulded, Forged or Cast parts and on different materials, even hardened, with no problem.


  • Featuring the FRB patented 4-blade completely mechanical balancing system. Can be adapted to faces with irregularities of up to 3 mm.
  • Extremely versatile and easy-to-use sprung center (can also be locked by the self-centering chuck).
  • It only requires the pressure of the live center to work.
  • The lengthwise references refer to the face of the part.