In Tecnologie FRB, we have always strived to achieve a perfect surface finish, even for richly decorated pieces. To guarantee this result, we have revolutionised our grinding process thanks to the introduction of a system of face driving on tempered details.

Grinding operations, which complete the manufacturing process, give definition to the final shape of the piece and confer an impeccable surface finish. Such precision is necessary in many fields, notably in the manufacturing of crank shafts, aeronautical products, gears bearings, guides for machine tools, moulds, measuring instruments and any application where assembly precision is essential.

Galvanised by our founder, Romano Franceschelli and his inventive spirit, our company was the first in the world to introduce the system of face driving. This Innovative Solution allowed ever more detailed pieces to be manufactured, whilst maintaining unaltered the time necessary for machining and the quality of the finished product. This evolution introduced 25 years ago, placed Tecnologie FRB up amongst the most pioneering companies in the grinding of metal parts.
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