Here at Tecnologie FRB we pride ourselves on our dedication to Research and the Development of highly innovative products and solutions. Way back in 1985 we were the first company to introduce the face driving system into the grinding process, including that of hardened shafts. Over the years this new system has gained popularity and nowadays it guarantees excellent results.

Grinding is usually necessary in order to achieve extremely accurate precision work and different degrees of surface roughness on any details. One of the most common applications for which we recommend the use of the face driver for grinding is for all of the gear and distribution shafts used in the automotive industry. It is also invaluable when working on shafts for electric motors, pumps, reducers, sprockets, or wherever there are two centres. In some cases, the introduction of face drivers has completely eliminated the need for the lathe carrier, and as a consequence, for the machine operator, thus permitting complete automation of the process.
A further advantage of the face driver over gripping systems which adopt a spindle or a diameter clamp, is that it is possible to work on the diameter as a whole without having to finish off the detail separately. This allows the piece to be machined all in one go with the subsequent advantage of the utmost precision in the minimum time. Finally, thanks to the use of a rotating centre point as opposed to machining with normal fixed points, we can reach speeds of over 1000 Rpm, enabling us to maximise the cutting parameters of state of the art grinding wheels.

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