Tecnologie FRB has always been characterised by the quest for technical machining solutions which guarantee our customers both quality and production speed. Our turning processes are also innovational, above all thanks to the introduction of face drivers.

Turning is usually the first step in the chain of processes which will form the final product. This particular procedure consists in metal cutting and metal removing, during which the piece is fitted to a spindle or in our case to a face driver and rotated while the tool moves along the piece conferring the desired conformation. Moreover, on lathes with motorised tools, it is possible to produce pieces with bores, grooves, threads and contoured surfaces.
The most obvious advantage of the use of face drivers in turning is that it means that the entire process can be completed in one go without having to rework the details. This undoubtably allows us to achieve extremely precise workmanship and an appreciable reduction in the time required. The range of use of the face driver is vast. It can be used on any two-centred shaft. Tecnologie FRB offers face drivers for applications from diameters from 6 mm to 500 mm. This allows us to operate in a number of fields, from automative machines, electric motors, pumps, reducers, any transmission shaft………

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