Tecnologie FRB has always stood out for its tireless search for technical machining solutions which guarantee our customers both quality and speed. Turning processes have undergone a number of innovative improvements thanks to the introduction of face drivers.

This phase is the first step in the manufacturing process which will create the piece required by our client. The turning process removes shavings, and in order to do this, the piece is fixed to a spindle and rotated whilst the cutting tool proceeds along the piece conferring the desired form. This step may need to be repeated a number of times, from the roughing to finishing, where the lathe creates pieces which may incorporate boring, grooves, threads, stepping and contoured surfaces.

The inventive and innovative spirit of Romano Franceschelli made all the difference in this area too. About 50 years ago, when he was simply a mechanic, faced with a lathe in the workshop, he developed a system whereby the turning process took a much shorter time, as it was possible to carry out the machining in the same workstation. This was the origin of the invention of the Face Driver, which today has been updated to suit a multitude of different technologies, but which still allows us to create the perfect solution to satisfy the requirements of each single customer who comes to FRB.

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