Every product, every tool, has a lifespan, often measured in hours/work. But far too often we don’t think about the fact that a tool could have a new lease of life, if treated correctly. Tecnologie FRB, in line with the sustainability policies it promotes, offers its clients an original service - Regeneration.

What if, instead of substituting your Live Centre or Face Driver you could choose to adjust the equipment, restoring it to its original state? If you found a company who promoted this process, giving you a guarantee of the characteristics and the performance of the product, wouldn’t it be an interesting solution? Well, to all extents and purposes, Tecnologie FRB is able to do this

With 50 years of experience in machining and in the production of Live Centres and Face Drivers, FRB has decided to offer its clients a regeneration service. Apart from guaranteeing a saving for the customer, this service is also in line with the ecological philosophy which sets FRB apart. Regenerating means safeguarding resources and rendering our approach to production more efficient.
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