is the basis of respect

In FRB we believe that Sustainability is, in itself, a Social value. So what does it have to do with mechanical manufacturing? Much more than you might think.

Until recently, not many people were able to perceive the common thread which binds Business, Social Awareness, the Individual and the Environment. But finally a history, a story, a voice has been heard, which allows us to understand how everything, every action, constitutes a weight on the soul and on the emotional well being of each and every one of us.

This is why FRB has decided to undertake a line of Coherence combining Its values with the implementation of specific actions which create undoubted well-being within the space we occupy and within the environment in which the plant is situated.

These are just the most important aspects of our “Green Hearted” project :
- Regeneration of tools
- The construction of a photovoltaic system to produce our own electricity
- Separate waste collection
- The correct management of waste oils, to protect water resources
- A reduction in the use of plastic materials
- A reduction in the use of paper and other resources.

Carrying out these actions every day allows us to develop a greater awareness of such environmental issues and makes us all a little more coherent. And it is this increased coherence which makes for a more serene and happy way of life.
Renewable energies
Clean energies
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