Our aim here in Tecnologie FRB has always been to pinpoint a practical solution for each and every customer, even when the project in hand requires implementing works on a decidedly large scale.

Thanks to the competence which we have acquired in over 50 years in the business and to our continuing quest for innovation, we have not been hindered by the difficulties associated with heavy duty machining projects. Our team has always sustained our customers in the resolution of problems of driving and as a result of our know-how we have chosen to widen the scope of our applications to include the production of shafts of up to 500mm in diameter. It has generally been considered that machining with drivers should only be applied to small or medium sized shafts in large batches. In point of fact, the use of a driver has also been seen to be advantageous in the working of details of much bigger proportions. Indeed, if we consider how much time is spent in handling a large piece in order to work from every angle, including that held by the chuck, (FOR EXAMPLE: the need for two people, the first working the overhead crane whilst the second is busy with the machine), the decision to employ the face driver clearly optimises resources. On one hand, the piece can be worked in its entirety and on the other, the time consumed is kept to a minimum.

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