Every project
is a challenge to overcome together

In Tecnologie FRB 50% of the products we develop are made to measure. Very often we are called upon to design customised solutions for both Face Drivers and Live Centres which are based entirely upon the technical requirements provided by the customer. Even more frequently we are faced with real mechanical challenges to resolve. These are the projects which stir our passion more than any other.

The ability to find a solution to a customer’s requirement is something shared by many in the mechanical machining industry. But it is another thing completely to pinpoint, design, and furnish a complete solution, which satisfies technical, implementation, economic and timing requirements all at the same time. This is the kind of service which the technical team at Tecnologie FRB strives to achieve every single day.

Following the preliminary assessment phase with the customer, our team sets to work taking into consideration a wide range of variables. In this phase, years of experience working with world players allows us to fathom with ease the context and specific requirements of the project. Once this bedrock of information has been defined, we can then identify what might be the best solutions to propose, carefully assessing every angle of the question.

Indeed our aim is not to offer a proposal which is simply technically efficient, but to ensure that the project we are offering our client is the optimum one for his specific case. Once we have determined this and shared our ideas with our Client, we can proceed with the production phase, where technology, experience and compliance with our deadlines are the best result for the client.

Taking on personalised projects requires competence, specialisation and a willingness to innovate if we are to give of our best. It is this combination which has allowed FRB to offer its clients high quality, customised solutions of proven reliability for more than 50 years.

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