Live centers with axial load distribution, 80 and 85 series, ideal for use with face drivers The only mechanism of its kind in the world.

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The FRB live center with axial load distribution has two thrust bearings between which a specially designed Belleville spring washer is inserted to distribute the load between the two bearings. When pressure acts on the centre, this will retract up to a maximum of 0.25 mm (which corresponds to 500 Kg of axial load for the FRB live center morse taper) which is absorbed by the back bearing.

As the center shaft has now retracted 0.25 mm, it comes to rest on the inner ring of the cylindrical roller bearing thus transmitting the remaining force to the front bearing. The use of this patented live center means that we can work with a very high axial load, and working on the centre shaft with the face driver, it is possible to achieve a higher feed rate and cutting depth.

The two roller cages support heavy radial loads and a vibration-damping bush is maintained rigid via a spring which prevents vibration. The nut at the front of the live center 80 series can be adjusted by means of a wrench to eliminate any play caused by worn bearings.

A protective chip guard ring guarantees complete insulation of the sealing ring from chips. The back extraction nut prevents oscillation and vibration.
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