Face Drivers with 4 completely independent drive pins - a world exclusive

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FRB face drivers use a patented compensating system, operated by wedge lever, which allows four-pin driving.
This system is highly sensitive and ensures the most efficient means of torque transmission even in extremely difficult conditions, such as rough surfaces or obliqueness of end faces by as much as 3 mm in relation to the rotation axis.

On each pass it is possible to remove up to 15 mm of material (in diameter) at a feed rate of 0.7 mm/rev.
The centre point is independent of the driving pins and rests against a Belleville spring washer assembly lodged inside the Morse taper, so even when centre sizes are altered, the working position is maintained with respect to the operating head.
Moreover, the centre point can easily be removed by simply extracting it without removing the face driver from the machine tool. This means the pins are interchangeable so slotted pieces can also be turned. The extraordinary driving efficiency of F.R.B. face drivers means that the full state-of-the-art performance of even the most advanced machine tools can be fully exploited.

All F.R.B. Face drivers use a wedge lever system to compensate the driving pins. The driver is made up of the following components:
1) Wedge lever assembly
2) Wedge lever support pin
3) Support pin base
4) Balancing plates
5) Anchor
6) Driving pins
7) Driving pin support washer
8) Driving pin retaining screw
9) Centre point
10) Belleville spring washer assembly
11) Centre point support cylinder
12) Face Driver body

How the “Wedge lever” system works.

The wedge lever is held in position by two support pins which are in turn supported by two auxiliary supports . These reduce pin deflection.The wedge lever assembly has two balancing plates that are held in position by two elastic elements called “anchors” which are attached to the underside of the balancing plates themselves.

The four driving pins are guided by the driving pin support washer and their rotation play is eliminated by the driving pin retaining screw. The driving pins rest their rounded end on the balancing plates of the wedge lever, which has been specially designed to compensate any obliqueness of the end faces on which the driving pins rest. They are made from a special Vanadium and Molybdenum steel which is exceptionally resilient and hard. Furthermore, the driving pins are of two types, one for each direction of the spindle’s rotation.

The centre point is independent of the driving pins and is loaded by the Belleville springs whose thrust may be adjusted using the grub screw at the back of the face driver, inside the cone.

Bored pieces or large centres may be machined by fitting slotted pins. Lowered driving pins can be fitted to all models in order to work on diameters which are too small to be turned by standard size driving pins, from the face driver’s side.


Enables the operator to change the driving pins and the centre point quickly and without having to remove other driver components. It also enables machining of the underside, even when using sizeable tools.
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